Schedule Door-to-Door Transportation

From medical appointments, to family gatherings, to shopping for groceries, getting around is often more challenging for seniors. With age, many seniors lose mobility and may also find themselves unable to drive or navigate transit systems and family is not always available to drive them.

Boom's transportation services for Ontario seniors gives your loved one a renewed sense of freedom and families peace of mind - allowing and helping them to continue to get to appointments and out into the world and do the things they love without fearing for their safety with care.

Why Use Senior Transportation Services?

While there are alternatives to transportation services (such as private taxis, or calling on family and friends), they don’t always provide the safest and most convenient option for your loved one.

Booking transportation services provides a caring, safe and trustworthy way for seniors to get around. Your Father may feel uncomfortable getting into a taxi, or your Mother may be reluctant to “bother” family members for a ride. Your Grandparents may get easily confused or lost when they try to use Toronto transit.

How Does Boom's Transportation Service Work?

With Boom, you can book and manage all your transportation needs through one, easy-to-use platform. Your loved one will receive a professional, vetted, and caring senior transportation service to get them from A-to-B.

Find the Support You Need

Enjoy peace of mind, as your loved one enjoys a renewed sense of freedom.