Malnutrition in seniors

Malnutrition is a serious condition that develops due to a deficient intake of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It can be caused by not consuming enough food or eating foods that do not provide adequate nutrition. Malnutrition contributes to a progressive decline in health, increased mortality, and reduced cognitive and physical functional status. According to […]

What is metabolism and why does it slow as you age?

Metabolism is the sum of chemical reactions that occur in living organisms. It is divided into catabolism, which involves breaking down large molecules into smaller ones, and anabolism, which involves combining small molecules into larger ones. Catabolic pathways provide energy while anabolic pathways consume energy. Not all metabolic pathways occurring in an organism occur in […]

The importance of staying hydrated for seniors

Elderly Asian man drinking water from a glass.

More than 60% of the human body is water. Therefore, hydration is crucial to keep organs functioning properly, regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to cells, prevent infections, and keep joints lubricated. Staying hydrated is even more important for seniors because several physiological changes occur, such as reduced body water content and increased fluid loss, as […]

The science of aging

telomeres shrinking as we age

Development, generation time, lifespan, and lifestyle are affected by time-measuring devices, which all living organisms have. Aging is a mix of genetic and environmental factors. Exogenous factors, which come from outside the cell and endogenous factors, which come from inside the cell, are sources of cell damage. Exogenous factors include UV light, chemicals, and ionizing […]

Does my loved one need help at home?

As people age, many seniors will require some level of care and assistance. Admitting the need for assistance is difficult for people as they age. Many seniors like to remain independent for as long as possible, but when is it the time to get them care? If you have observed any, some, or all of […]

Driving tips for seniors

elderly couple driving

Driving Tips For Seniors 1. Get your vision and hearing tested regularly. These senses tend to decline as we age, so it is imperative to regularly get tested. 2. Avoid distractions when driving. Don’t eat and leave your phone on silent while driving. If it is urgent, pull into a safe area such as a […]

The benefits of pets for seniors

Benefits of Pets Pets provide companionship and make great friends. Seniors can become lonely or isolated if they don’t stay connected or become more distant from family and friends. Pets can increase our spirits and lighten our mood. Owning a pet can help you socialize. If you own a dog, you can meet new people […]

The effects of loneliness in seniors

Elderly man sitting alone with a book looking at a water scenery.

Loneliness presents a major health risk for seniors. Data from Statistics Canada found that nearly 25% of seniors live alone. Loneliness has been associated with negative health consequences including heart problems, decreased memory, depression, and higher stress. It can also lead to an increased risk of premature death, decreased quality of sleep, and decreased immune […]