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The most common health concerns for seniors and how to prevent them

According to the CDC, roughly 85% of seniors have at least one chronic health concern. Therefore, it is important for seniors to be proactive about their health to improve their quality of life.

Below is a list of 5 of the most common health concerns for seniors and tips for preventing them.


Inflammation or swelling of the joints characterizes this disease. A faulty immune system that results in the body attacking its own tissues causes arthritis. Although some forms of arthritis are hereditary, you can reduce your risk of developing arthritis by maintaining a healthy weight, stretching, controlling your blood sugar, and following an anti-inflammatory diet.

Alzheimer’s disease

It is a progressive brain disease that ranges from preclinical (no symptoms) to severe (symptoms interfere with most everyday activities). Limiting alcohol consumption, eating a balanced diet, and using cognitive skills regularly are Alzheimer’s prevention strategies.

Heart disease

It is the leading cause of death for seniors. The most common form is coronary heart disease, which occurs when the heart’s arteries can’t deliver sufficient oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Tips for preventing heart disease include not smoking or using tobacco, monitoring and maintaining cholesterol levels under control, and exercising regularly.


This disease involves the loss of bone with a greatly enhanced chance of fracture. It occurs as bones age and is more prevalent in women due to hormonal changes at menopause. Building and maintaining strong bones requires calcium. Consequently, the most important tip for preventing osteoporosis is to consume sufficient calcium (1,000 mg for senior males and 1,200 mg for senior females).


Approximately one-third of seniors have this disease. High sugar levels build up in the bloodstream due to the insufficient release of insulin from the pancreas. Keeping your blood pressure under control, staying active, and losing weight are ways to prevent diabetes.

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This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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