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Professional Caregivers You Can Rely On

When your loved one needs home care, you want to find the right fit for your family’s needs. Using Boom, you can book Ontario Certified Personal Support Workers and Registered Nurses who you can trust to offer the best care for your eldery loved one.


Why Choose Home Care Assistance?

Individuals face many challenges as they grow older—from minor injuries to more serious illnesses. Families choose home care assistance to support seniors in a wide range of situations. From short-term support while your loved one recovers from a hospital visit to longer-term solutions, caregivers provide a helping pair of hands, expert knowledge and peace of mind.

Choosing home-care assistance can have many benefits for seniors:

  • Maintaining independence and staying at home
  • Stay connected to family and community
  • Receiving personalized care
  • Remaining in a familiar environment
  • Improved social time with loved ones

Ageing seniors are vulnerable to a wider variety of health problems, infections and complications. Our Toronto care professionals are trained to address these issues, while ensuring the highest level of medical support and attentiveness.

What Services Can You Book Using Boom?

Caregivers offer many different services. With Boom, you can find caregiving services to meet your loved one’s individual needs.

Available caregiver services in Toronto include:

  1. Nursing care

    Ontario Registered Nurses provide in-home medical assistance. This may include tasks such as monitoring medication, providing post-operative care or dressing wounds, for example. Nursing care may be provided on a short-term or a long-term basis.

  2. Personal care and support

    Caregivers provide compassionate assistance with dressing, feeding, washing and toileting to maintain seniors’ independence and dignity. They can also be on hand to offer advice, encouragement and emotional/psychological support.

  3. Companion services

    Regular companionship and social interaction is vital for mental health. Caregivers provide valuable connections to the outside world for seniors. This includes:

    • Taking escorted shopping trips
    • Doing leisure activities together such as reading or playing a game
    • Taking a walk together
    • Regular phone calls or check in visits

  4. Light housekeeping

    Ageing at home means more than just accessing medical support. Seniors often need help with the everyday tasks around their home, including household chores, paperwork or meal preparation.

Find the Support You Need

Our roster of fully-vetted and professional Toronto-based personal support workers and registered nurses are trained to assist your loved one as they grow older at home.

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