Does my loved one need help at home?

As people age, many seniors will require some level of care and assistance. Admitting the need for assistance is difficult for people as they age. Many seniors like to remain independent for as long as possible, but when is it the time to get them care? If you have observed any, some, or all of […]

The aging population in Canada and increasing demand for senior care

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Seniors face a variety of health conditions that can be complex or chronic, requiring care. Three-quarters of seniors report having one or more chronic conditions and about one in every four reports having three or more. The prevalence of multiple health conditions among seniors highlights the need for and importance of senior care. In a […]

The difference between PSWs, RPNs, and RNs

There are thousands of acronyms in the healthcare industry. You may have heard of some of the more common ones such as PSW, RPNs, and RNs when in a healthcare setting or helping to care for a loved one. But what do they stand for, what is the role of each, and what are the […]